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MP3 or WAV (aka PCM) sound file copies of concerts performed by the faculty and students of UCSD are available for educational use only by the performers, composers and faculty involved in the event pursuit to all applicable copyright laws.

The Department of Music maintains this archival database of all recorded performances. It can be searched by several fields, including Date of Performance, Title, and Composer.

A search will return all records meeting the criteria contained in the database. (note: The current Database is based on raw data entered over the period of 40 years and may contain data inconsistencies. It is being made available now, as is, to assist in bibliographic searches.)

This collection contains 2008-Present data. Search 1969-2008 data here.

Search the Composer or Title.
For example, to find pieces by Shubert in 2019, enter 'Shubert' in the Composer field and '2019' in the Date Performed field.

To list events (rather than pieces), see the Concert Archive DCD system

    Relevant Concert Archive Web pages:
  1. Dubbing policy - information regarding what can be copied
  2. Digital Content Delivery (DCD) - list of events with downloadable MP3 and WAV, Fall 2007-present
  3. Search Form - search for pieces 1969-present (this page)
  4. Request Form - Submit your request
  5. UC San Diego Department of Music Concert Archive - Library Digital Collections (UCSD only, 192KBit streamed audio for 1967-2019)

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